St. Lucy Catholic School

A WASC/WCEA Accredited School

When selecting a new home to purchase in the Long Beach area, you understandably may be focused on finding a quality school for your children to attend. After all, the education that your children receive will impact the rest of their lives. While the Long Beach area has quality public schools, St. Lucy Catholic School is an excellent educational choice for your children when you want them to benefit from a faith-based academic program in a private school setting. Located in a convenient location on Cota Avenue close to West Willow Street and Interstate 710, this school provides you with an incredible educational experience for your children’s preschool through junior high school years. By learning more about this school as well as homes in the surrounding area, you can better determine if this is the right choice to consider for your relocation plans.

What to Expect From St. Lucy Catholic School

St. Lucy Catholic School was founded in 1950, and it has provided a quality education to children through several generations. This reputable school strives to approach education from a faith-based center, but it has a strong academic program where young children can thrive. Many of its students have grown up to become valedictorians or salutatorians in a higher-level academic setting, and many graduates are now successful, contributing members of society who thrive in their careers as well as their personal lives. The school has an active PTO membership, and it strives to incorporate parental feedback in the learning process. As you can see, there is much to love about St. Lucy Catholic School.

Giving Your Children a Well-Rounded Education

When you are selecting a school for your children, you likely are looking for a school that takes a rounded approach toward education and that has a fabulous reputation in the local community. At St. Lucy Catholic School, your children will receive education in a small environment with an excellent student-to-teacher ratio to ensure that they have the personalized attention they need throughout their academic career. All areas of academics are focused on so that children learn and excel in the basics, and this includes language arts, math, science and more. This strong academic base is combined with a religious education as well to ensure that children have a firm foundation in the essential elements of faith. In addition, St. Lucy Catholic School has a robust athletic program to promote healthy, active children who can work well in a team environment. There are a wide range of sports activities that children can participate in throughout the school year to promote socialization with their friends and classmates. The school is a part of the Catholic Youth Organization, and it offers volleyball, football, cheer, golf and basketball as sporting events. Most parents who have sent their children to this school have loved the experience as well as the results.

A Closer Look at the Community Around St. Lucy Catholic School

While you understandably want to find an exceptional school for your children to attend while you are living in the Long Beach area, you also want to find a great community to live in. Many people who send their children to St. Lucy Catholic School choose to live nearby as a matter of convenience, and you may be wondering what the surrounding community offers from a lifestyle perspective. The school is located just north of Admiral Kidd Park and close to several public schools in a predominantly residential community with a quiet, relaxed ambiance. The local post office, the Boys & Girls Club of Long Beach, numerous restaurants and shops and more are nearby as well. The school is also located just a short drive from beautiful Junipero Beach, the Queen Mary, the Long Beach Museum of Art, Shoreline Village, the Aquarium of the Pacific and other local attractions. When you want to be in a fabulous location close to all that the Long Beach area offers, you cannot go wrong when you live close to St. Lucy Catholic School.

Beyond the Immediate Area

While those who live close to St. Lucy Catholic School may spend the majority of their time in this community, commuting beyond the area is also common. The Long Beach Airport is only a few miles away, and all of the job opportunities and cultural attractions throughout the Los Angeles metropolitan area are within easy reach for local residents as well. Just north and east of Los Angeles, you will find the Angeles National Forest, the San Gabriel Mountains and Mount San Antonio. This is an exceptional area that offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Finding a Home Close to St. Lucy Catholic School

You may be wondering what kind of home you can afford to purchase near St. Lucy Catholic School. This is a primarily residential community that has many single family and duplex homes available for sale. Some of the homes in the community are priced around $450,000 to $600,000, but there is substantial variation beyond this as well. Many of the homes in the immediate area have moderately-sized lots with square footage around 1,000 to 1,600 square feet. These are smaller homes that often have between two and four bedrooms as well as one to three bathrooms. While many of the homes in this area of Long Beach are older in age, some have been renovated and have attractive, modern décor.

As a parent, you may be focused on finding the perfect place to raise your children. This includes locating a quality school for them to attend as well as finding a beautiful home in a great location. At Evergreen Properties and Investments, we can help you to locate the ideal place to call home in the Long Beach area. While we can assist you with all of your buying and selling plans, we also excel in providing our clients with necessary community information. Our team wants to help you make the best decision possible when relocating, and we are available to begin working with you soon.


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