Buying a New Home: 4 Tips for Evaluating Schools

Dan Barcelon
Published on June 5, 2017

Buying a New Home: 4 Tips for Evaluating Schools


When you are preparing to relocate to a new home, the quality of schools is understandably a concern for parents. Regardless of the age of your children, you want to ensure that the educational institutions your children attend are safe and will provide them with a quality education in the years to come. There may be several schools located in the area you are looking to buy your new home in, and this means that you have plenty of opportunities to find a great school for your children. However, you may be wondering how to analyze and compare the considerable number of options to make the best house buying decision possible for your family. Here are 4 tips to better help you decide which home to move to.

Choose Between Public and Private Schools

Many people relocate to an area because of high quality public schools. However, private education is another option to consider. There are numerous faith-based and academic-based private educational institutions that may be ideal for your children as well. If you are interested in sending your children to private school rather than a public option, compare costs as a starting point to narrow down options that you cannot afford. These educational programs can be expensive, and this expense may impact your home buying budget.

Select a Few Communities You Are Most Interested in Living In

Because it would be far too time-consuming to learn more about each individual school, a better strategy is to select a few communities that you would like to move into as a first step. Compare communities based on the size and price of homes in the area, community amenities, location, crime stats and other relevant details. Then, you can take time to learn more about the handful of schools that serve these specific communities. By taking the initial step of narrowing down your options, you will find that it is much easier to finalize your home-buying plans based on the quality of schools serving your preferred communities.

Review Classroom Sizes and School Details

For each school that you are researching, research the average classroom size and student-to-teacher ratio. This information can play a critical role in the overall quality of education your child receives. The school districts typically publish this information online, but you can also contact the school administrative staff or admissions office individually by phone to request the details you seek. In addition, pay attention to the amenities and special programs available in the schools. For example, your child may need to enroll in an accelerated program, and you may find that some programs are more well-suited for your child than others. It may also be wise to focus your attention on graduation rates, test scores and college admissions stats for high schools where your children would be enrolled. Even if your child is younger, this high school data plays a key role in the quality of education provided in feeder schools as well. Another important point to consider is whether your children would be bussed, would walk or would need you to drive them to school. This can affect your daily life for years to come, so the transportation method to school should be safe and convenient for your family’s lifestyle.

Visit Your Top Choices Personally

Visiting local education options that are at the top of your list is an excellent additional step to take. Many parents fail to take this step because it can be time-consuming. However, you will find that the ambiance and learning environment of different educatinal institutions varies substantially. Some kids simply thrive better in some schools than in others because of the mix of student and teachers present. In addition, if your child will receive special instruction in a unique program, such as special education or an advanced program, you may want your child to meet the teacher personally. You will find that your kids click more easily with some teachers than with others.

Finalizing Your Decision

There are few things that are more important than your children’s education, and your choice of educational institutions can ultimately impact his or her life in significant ways. Despite this, however, the quality of education is only one factor of many that you will need to review when deciding where to live. Your budget, your comfort in the home, your commute time and more will also be critical to your decision-making process. As you review schools, try to keep the big picture in mind for the best overall outcome.

Pulling together information from various districts and schools across the Long Beach area can be time-consuming, and you may not know where to get some of the information you seek. A smart idea is to rely on the knowledge and service of your real estate agent from Evergreen Properties and Investments. Your real estate agent can assist you with all aspects of locating a beautiful home in a wonderful community while also keeping the quality of schools in mind. If you are ready to learn more about schools and real estate in the Long Beach area, contact Evergreen Properties and Investments today.


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Buying a New Home: 4 Tips for Evaluating Schools
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