Is Virtual Staging Able to Change the Real Estate Business?

Dan Barcelon
Dan Barcelon
Published on December 4, 2017

Virtual staging is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the real estate industry, and a viable option for families who don’t quite have the budget for an actual home stager. Virtual staging can take any room in your home and transform it into a room that can attract potential buyers and help them imagine the potential of your home for sale, with or without the presence of furniture. Here is a guest post from Jeena of the Spotless Agency with the impact virtual staging can have.

The real estate industry is gradually developing because the amount of people who want to obtain real estate is rapidly growing. Nevertheless, there are some factors that can influence the decision of a potential buyer. In this review, we’ll bandy about such thing as virtual staging. We’ll identify whether virtual staging can influence the buying decision of a customer and change the real estate business.


What is Virtual Staging?

This is a modern technology, which is used for the purpose of remaking empty rooms into staged ones. Otherwise stated, this is a process, due to which photos of empty rooms are made to comprise fixtures, rugs, furniture, carpets, etc. This process helps potential customers to visualize their future house and enables them to better grasp furniture placement. A potential buyer will see a properly furnished room and will be able to render a decision faster. Besides, this process also allows swapping out the color of walls too.

The Popularity of Virtual Staging

These days, an awful lot of real estate companies offer the services of virtual staging. This is a relatively new stream in the modern real estate business. Nevertheless, it is in great request now. First, it is worth noting that virtual staging helps sell the property faster. Secondly, this is a great way, allowing buyers to imagine whether this particular property is what they really need or they need to continue the search.

Besides, this technique is in great request among property buyers. Lots of potential customers want to get a better understanding of what they are going to obtain. Virtual staging is an excellent method allowing them to do this. This technique can change the real estate business for the better because it redoubles the amount of general sales.

A Little Bit of Statistics Data

To understand the significance of virtual staging, it is much better to take a look at the statistics data.

Looking at the latest report, created by the National Association of Realtors, we can see that around 67% of all real estate agents consider virtual staging to be the best method increasing the dollar value buyers. Besides, they also consider that this technique helps buyers see the home from different perspectives.

Recently, published an article, showing the statistics. According to their report, staged homes sell 89% faster. So, statistics show that virtual staging not only works for the benefit of real estate agents but for the buyers as well. Sellers consider this method to be an excellent possibility to sell faster. At the same time, virtual staging for buyers is a chance to see the property, understand whether it meets their demands, etc. It is really hard to picture oneself in an empty house. Virtual staging gives a chance to imagine the house of your dream.

 The Cost of Virtual Staging

As a rule, the cost of this procedure is the main obstacle to staging the house. It is not cheap and not all property owners are ready to pay for this. The arguments that it can help sell the house don’t work for them because their overarching priority is not to overpay.

So, let’s take a look at figures. The starting price of home staging consultation which lasts for 2 hours is around $250. The sum can vary and reach up to $5,000. Too much depends on the particular needs of the property and the place of living. If it is a big metropolis, then the price will be higher. If the home stager will be made to furnish or add some accessories then the cost of staging can also increase. The price is also contingent on how many rooms the property owner is going to stage.

In case of virtual staging, the situation is much better. This procedure is cheaper. The starting price is around $200 and can reach up to $600. These days, there are lots of companies offering the virtual staging services in the USA. Your primary purpose is to provide the company with the digital photos and then designers will be working on them. After that, the company will send you ready photos via emails and you can easily start downloading them on the MLS. Such photos allow you to represent your house in the best light.

So, we can see that virtual staging is an excellent opportunity to improve the chances of selling your house. It is cheaper than traditional home staging and helps potential buyers to visualize the space. Virtual staging can change the real estate business, pushing up the general sales.

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Is Virtual Staging Able to Change the Real Estate Business?
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